Relentless Hearts Ministry is a woman’s ministry designed and inspired in the hearts of Deborah and Natasha. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and engage women in their pursuit to grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of God!

To encourage women to:
        •     Know Christ as their Savior and Lord and place their trust in Him
        •     Know they have a purpose and God has a plan for their life
        •     Know how much they are loved
        •     Know they can overcome
        •     Know and believe in God’s word and stand on His promises
        •     Know the power and strength of a relationship with Christ
        •     Know the joy and fulfillment of a relationship with Christ

To engage women to:
        •     Place God first and live a Christ centered life
        •     In tune themselves to the work of the Holy Spirit in their life
        •     Humbly serve God and others
        •     Develop a strong Christian walk through bible reading, prayer and fellowship
        •     Obediently apply God’s word and truth to their life
        •     To be all they can be in Christ
        •     Share their faith with others 

Relentless Hearts Ministry is designed to reach out to all women and reconcile them to right fellowship with God! In our day and time, women struggle with many issues. It is at the heart of this ministry to equip women with the tools needed to live a more abundant life in Christ. 

Just as God’s love for us is unending (relentless), it is the desire of Deborah and Natasha that we continue to walk in that love and that within each of our hearts we would be constant (relentless) in our pursuit of God. That with great tenacity (relentlessly) we would pursue the things of God growing in the example of Christ. 

“When we look in the mirror of own humanity, sometimes we can't help but shrink back at the frailty and flaws, the defects and deficiencies. Yet God continues pursuing us, exposing those areas so they can be restored and we can walk in the wholeness and beauty God intended all along” (Pursuing God’s Beauty by Margaret Feinberg)

In the ministry of Relentless Hearts, we want to embrace the question of, “What if we pursued God in a relentless (continual, nonstop, never-ending, unceasing, unwavering, tenacious, tireless) way"?   Through relentless hearts it is our belief that we will find true contentment and a vibrant relationship with God!  Deborah and Natasha ask you to join them in this relentless pursuit of God by inviting them for your church’s next ladies event. 

Discover a list of suggested Conference titles and sample agendas to guide you in your planning process:

                Conference Titles

                Sample Conference Agenda

                Sample 3 Day Retreat Agenda

However big or small your plans, we understand that each event is different and we remain flexible in order to fit the needs of your church!  Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about Relentless Hearts Ministry!  Hope to hear from you soon!